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Introducing Helena, a remarkable 26-year-old digital artist and recent Animation graduate from IAcademy. Her journey through academia spanned seven years, during which she faced challenges and setbacks, but with the unwavering support of her parents, she persevered. Diagnosed with autism at the age of four, Helena's early years were marked by unique milestones, showcasing her exceptional abilities such as recognizing flags at three and developing a keen interest in shapes and music. Despite encountering difficulties in socializing, Helena discovered her love for drawing at the tender age of three, setting the stage for a lifelong passion. In college, she confronted setbacks, including failing subjects and a pause in her second year. Undeterred, Helena returned with determination, choosing a lighter course load to ensure she could fulfill her dream of completing her degree. One of her most significant challenges was tackling her thesis alone due to difficulties in making friends. However, this solo journey led to the creation of something truly meaningful: her 2022 Capstone Project, 'Home Sea Home,' a 1-minute animation that beautifully tells the story of a seahorse's adventures.
Helena's art is a reflection of her diverse interests, drawing inspiration from history, mythology, fantasy, nature, and literature. Her artistic journey is a testament to passion, resilience, and creativity. Now, you have the opportunity to join Helena on this extraordinary artistic adventure through the exclusive collaboration with MochiBees merchandise.
Immerse yourself in Helena's world and celebrate her dedication with merchandise that captures the essence of her passion, resilience, and creativity. Join us in supporting and celebrating Helena's unique talent and the inspiring story behind her artistic journey.